Pune – A City of Dreams

Pune is a city of dreams. A valiant young boy dreamt of breaking the shackles of atrocious monarchy and establishing self-rule (Swaraj). Years later Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj founded a peaceful empire. This empire dreamt of Delhi Sultanate and yes, the Peshwas achieved that too. Not only great warriors, but Pune also has produced numerous leaders, artists, scientists, sportsmen, and educationalists. Pune nurtures every dream and provided the optimum environment to accomplish it.

Famed as the educational center, Pune has now transformed into an industrial hub. It houses countless national and international companies offering livelihood to many people from all across the globe. This leads to an amalgamation of different cultures and traditions in the city, yet Pune has its own culture, rich heritage, and values. The people here are caring and accommodating.

The city is blessed with nature. It has a pleasant climate that fosters the holistic development of an individual. According to a recent survey conducted by ‘The Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry’, Pune was ranked the ‘Most Liveable City’ in a new ‘Ease of Living Index’. Safety, healthcare infrastructure, security, economy, employability, industrialization, quality of education, and good governance were some of the criteria used to assess 111 cities of the country. And Pune proved to be the best in each of these criteria.

In the current pandemic, Pune has countered the situation effectively and was able to hinder the spread of the disease. Thanks to the healthcare infrastructure of the city, the skilled doctors, and dedicated healthcare workers.

Likewise Indira Group of Institutes, Pune has also taken necessary precautions according to the directives issued by the government from time to time. We are prepared and eager to welcome the upcoming batch for this academic year. To mark the beginning of the new academic year Indira has come up with a lovely video featuring Dr Tarita Shankar (Chairperson, Indira Group of Institutes) and Prof. Chetan Wakalkar (Group Director, Indira Group of Institutes). They have shared their thoughts on Indira’s readiness and Pune’s undying sprite.

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