Your Pathway To Business: 7 Reasons Why To Study BBA In Pune

Your Pathway To Business: 7 Reasons Why To Study BBA In PuneWith the business world shifting at break-neck speed, how do you learn to anticipate and lead through change?

If you’ve just passed your HSC examinations and you want to tread the path to become a millennial business mogul, a course in BBA will offer you real-world experience and learnings in management skills.

Indira Institute of Management Pune’s (IIMP) BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a contemporary, career, and personal development-focused course. Whether it’s preparing for the global business skills, you’ll develop the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in the business world. If you think BBA would be a good head start, here are 10 reasons why you should study BBA in Pune and from Indira.

Pune- a city of business leaders

Pune is one of the leading locations in India that offers the best BBA courses. Pune is also the national center for academic excellence and has been termed the ‘Oxford of the East’. There are over 200 institutes in Pune that offer internationally acclaimed business courses for aspiring students.

Study BBA in Pune

Pune ranks as a prime city in Maharashtra, hosting multiple high ranked institutes including Indira. The BBA programs offered in Pune helps you develop critical thinking and leadership skills needed to achieve your career goals. As per students’ ratings and reviews, multiple colleges in Pune have received 5-star ratings. Excellent placement packages, highly trained faculty, advanced infrastructure, and fully equipped campuses are some of the reasons why Pune is sought after by students pursuing their BBA.

BBA from IIMP- Best business school in Pune

Our BBA course is an autonomous course under SPPU and the BBA degree will be awarded by SPPU. The BBA course is designed to empower you to enhance your leadership ability, grow your network, and advance your career. You can also choose to do specializations in Digital Business and Marketing, Banking and Financial Services, and Mass Media Management. Indira Group of Institutes, Pune received “Education Leadership Award” at Asian Leadership Awards Dubai 2019

Specialize in industry demands

IIMP BBA offers specializations in three cutting-edge fields.

  • Digital Business & Marketing- A BBA in this field in an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace.
  • Mass Media Management- This program is designed for people who want to foray into journalism and media, who have the ambition to accelerate their progression to senior leadership roles.
  • Banking and Financial services- On the Banking and Finance BBA you will be guided to become a professional capable of performing at the top of the international banking and finance industry.

25 years of legacy in business education

IIMP is a 25-year-old institute in Pune for management education accelerating your career to prepare you alongside business thinkers who are on the cutting edge of their fields. Here you have access to world-class facilities or your classroom might be the stunning natural beauty of Pune!

Awards and ranking

If you’re not already here at IIMP as a student, you should be here! Our impressive rankings and award give you a glimpse of the excellence that we offer.

  • Indira Group of Institutes, Pune received the “Education Leadership Award” at the Asian Leadership Awards Dubai 2019.
  • DNA Star Education Leadership Awards 2019 Outstanding Faculty Marketing Management- Dr. Dipanjay Bhalerao.
  • Best Faculty Award-Finance – Indira Institute of Management, Pune.
  • World Education Congress Global Awards 2019 – Dr. Neetal Vyas

Career opportunities with BBA

Graduates with BBA degrees are in demand, and that demand keeps growing. With IIMP’s BBA specializations in Digital Business and Marketing, Mass Media Management, Banking, and Financial Service, you can seek a stellar career as a Business Analytics Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, or Digital Director, Media Strategist, Media Manager, Banking and Financial, Financial reporting and more.

Get work-ready with IIMP’s BBA program

Gain the Indira edge in the workplace with real-world learning and hands-on management experience through internships, industry-based learning, and business talk seminars. Observe change, revolution and technology, and performance to develop the management skills of the future.

This is the Indira BBA: Where big ideas come to life and bold leaders thrive.

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