The National Service Scheme (NSS) camp of Indira College of Commerce and Science was organized from 07th January 2019 to 14th January, 2019 at Shelkhewadi – Pimpoli village in Mulshi block of Pune district. It is 27 Kms from college. This village is adopted by SPPU to make it as a smart village where ICCS has taken initiative to arrange camp first time at this village. NSS Program officer of college Prof. Sumit Sasane and Dr. Chandrashekhar Pawar with 25 NSS Volunteers (girls and boys), 2 faculties (one lady teacher) & one peon was participated in this camp. The details of activities are mentioned below.

Day-1 (Monday, 07th January 2019)

        On 07th January, 2019 morning at 11:30 AM, NSS camp was escorted from Indira Universe Campus with traditional Pooja formalities by the hand of Dr. Janardan Pawar, Principal In charge.  Camp was reached at Shelkhewadi village by 1.30 pm staying arrangements done for all the volunteers. Prof. Sumit Sasane had conducted session on role and responsibilities of NSS volunteer’s in entire tenure of camp. The camp is inaugurated by the hands of Mr. Anand Pusavale Sir (Deputy Collector) Director, SIRD, YASHADA, Govt. of Maharashtra, Dr. Sumant Pande Sir, Executive Director, Water Literacy Centre, YASHADA, Govt. of Maharashtra and Mr. Kulkarni Sir, Rehabilitation Expert. Students overwhelmed with speeches of all the guests.

Inauguration of the Camp Guest Lecture – Mr. Kulkarni Sir
Lunch In the Camp Group photo with Guest Lecture
A Moment Of Guest Lecture Guest Lecture Activity

Day-2 (Tuesday, 08th January, 2019)

                  On 8th Januray,19 Camp started with early morning Jogging and then Yoga Sessions. After that NSS Prayer was conducted, after breakfast with Poha, NSS camp is visited by Mr. Babaji Shelkhe (Sarpanch- Shelkhewadi – Pimpoli village).

In the afternoon student volunteers have conducted survey of village under the guidance of Dr. Chandrashekhar Pawar and collected basic information related to microplanning.

In the evening, For NSS volunteers and villagers invited talk on the topic “ Maharaja Shivchtrapati and his management ” delivered by the specialist Dr. Ajit Apte and Mr. Yogesh Kadam, Lions Club, Sangavi delivered speech on “ Rural Development”.

Jogging at morning Cleaning Process at Shelkhewadi – Pimpoli village
Cleaning Process at Shelkhewadi – Pimpoli village  Food committee.

Day-3 (Wednesday, 9th January, 2019)

On 9th January Camp started again with early morning jogging and then Yoga Sessions. After that NSS Prayer and breakfast, Volunteers started to Develop “ Deorai” – A scared forest in the name of God and Goddess.  About 325 plants of 80 varieties of medicinal plants have been planted.  The distance of 10 meter * 10 meter for the plantations was kept standard considering nourishment of saplings.  This is “first developed Deorai” in Pune district. It composed of almost all the indigenous medicinal plants observed in Maharashtra state.  Some of Key stone species also planted for bird fauna. In the evening, the speech on “ Gandhian philosophy” delivered by Dr. Nandkumar Shinde, Symbiosis, Kiwale. Entire volunteers and villagers enlighten with the speeches.

Volunteers busy in cleaning Students at the hill for worship
Kitchen Committee Lunch In Process


Day-4 (Thursday, 10th January, 2017)

Indigenous tree plantation and Deorai development was major activity of NSS camp. The saplings of  locally named species e.g. Pimpal, Umbaar, Bel, Fanas, Badam, Hirda, Arjun, Neem etc. was planted.  The deepening of old pits of previous year plantations was also carried out. This work was implemented as a major activity of camp.

In the evening, Dr. Chandrashekhar Pawar, Delivered speech on “ Natural resource management”.

Then Musical Chair game was organized for villagers at 8:30 pm for active participation of villager specially women’s and children’s of the village.

Plantation Yoga Session
NSS Students Guidance to Z.P students Kitchen Committee

Day 5 (Friday, 11th January, 2019)

After Morning Prayer and yoga session a long drive for pit excavation has been carried out.  Along with Deorai, 400 plants of Jamun and Peru have been distributed and planted on private agriculture lands of the villagers and adjoining areas of Grampanchyat. We did agreement between Grampanchyat and Indira College of Commerce and Science about surveillance and post care of planted trees.  All the species were indigenous, fruit bearing, shady, key stone species etc.

In the evening, Prof. Yogesh Bhusari, delivered speech on “Personality Development”.

Survey Activity PBR Activity
NSS Program Instructing The Students Guest Lecture – Prof. Yogesh Bhusari

Day-6 (Saturday, 12th January, 2019)

Morning Prayer and yoga session followed by the breakfast.

The students were exposed to field visits related to Land Capability Classification (LCC), Soil Sampling collection for preparation of Soil Health Card (SHC).  The organic farming is motto of all villagers. To know the status of nutrients in the soil a scientific survey has been carries out. As per the Net Planning, a participatory planning (With farmers) has been carried out to collect the soil samples. About 100 Soil samples has been analyzed on the spot considering the availability of Nitrogen,Phosphrous, Potassium, pH and Organic carbon. The soil testing kit approved by Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri was used for soil investigation. It is concluded that, all the soil samples are showing very good availability of nutrients is all the soil samples.

Some farmers have adopted innovative practices such as hydro-phonic techniques – A fodder generation technique in scarcity days of summer. One more technique of Azolla formation was developed by farmer. The students also exposed to Azolla ponds and its nutritious status for livestock. The visit to poultry farms also arranged to gather scientific information of this industry.  Rejuvenation of old plantations was done and plantations of fresh saplings also done on the same day.

Morning Walk Soil Sampling


Yoga Session

Day-7 (Sunday, 13th January, 2019)

The day in the NSS camp started with morning prayers and national anthem. After breakfast, the plantation has been done.

The day started with new innovative practice, Peoples Biodiversity Register (PBR). The orientation to the students was carried out regarding how to gather information about different PBR formats.  NSS volunteers did this practice and completed the assignments with interacting with farmers.  The assignment is guided by Dr. Chandrashekhar Pawar.

In the evening, a discussion on field work has been carried out with NSS volunteers.

Exposed to Azolla Soil Testing


Day-8 (Monday, 14 January, 2019)

The day in the NSS camp started with morning prayers and national anthem. After breakfast, the plantation has been done.

Then sendoff ceremony was conducted by Sarpanch and villagers.  In the morning prayer was conducted and remaining work of Soil sampling and preparation of soil health card and plantation was completed. The villagers also committed to best care of planted trees.  The efforts taken by students were appreciated by villagers.

An emotional movement for volunteers during departure. Volunteers reported that “NSS camp was life time learning experience for them”. Volunteers feedback session taken at the last.

In evening NSS camp reached at college campus in evening.

Soil Testing Camp-Fire

Indira College of Commerce and Science in association with “Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha” Organized a Workshop/ Karyashala on the topic- “Marathi Vikipediyachi Tond-olakh” conducted by Mrs. Suparna Kulkarni, from Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha, Mumbai.

The program held on 11th of January 2019, from 2:00 pm. to 6:00 pm. at Lab No. 4 for the students and faculties.The program arranged by Dr. Deepa Jamnik under the leadership of Dr. Janardan Pawar.

Indira College of Commerce and Science (ICCS), Tathawade, had organized first-ever ‘Youth Parliament’ in Pune region, on 8th August’2018 in association with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), Ministry of Youth affairs and sports, Pune. The Chief Guest for the event was Miss Monika Singh, the Deputy Collector & Deputy Election Officer-State Government of Maharashtra and the guest of honour was Mr. Yashwant Mankhedkar, Chief Co-ordinator of NYKS. The innovative event which happened for the first time in the history of college started with the arrival of Chief Guest. Later on, Dr. Janardhan Pawar,Principal Incharge of ICCS, Dr. Sonali Shrotri, HOD-BBA & BBA(IB) Department, and Prof. Shivendu Bhushan, HOD-BCA felicitated the Chief guest and guest of honour with saplings. Guests were very warmly welcomed by the college staff and students.

The parliament ministries were assigned to students who played role of ministers and one of the student was given speaker’s post to conduct the parliament. Dr. Nalanda Wani and Prof. Abhijeet Chavan were the judges of this Youth Parliament session.

Honorable Speaker of Youth Parliament, started the session by taking oath and then the Youth Parliament was kept open for all. The first topic of discussion was employment generatiion which was debated and appropriate solutions for it were suggested. The next topic of discussion was Urban & Rural areas and their problems, how the problems of these areas can be solved; later on opposition leaders targeted Ministry of Tribal Affairs to address to the problems of tribal people and how those tribal people can get connected with the mainstream and how they can be helped etc. Subsequent topics for discussion on how the education provided in government schools is different from that of private schools were asked from Ministry of HRD. Further topics of discussion were Women Safety, Prices of Petroleum products, Finance, Defence, Small & Medium scale Industries, Sources of Power & renewable resources, Textile Industries, Infrastructure etc. The Young Opposition leaders were raising various issues to respective ministers and also demanding appropriate solutions and gave suggestions on the same.

The session was concluded by the Honorable Prime Minister and the Honorable speaker respectively. All the students who participated were awarded with a ‘Certificate of Participation’ by the guests. And also there were three students who were declared as the best speakers of Youth Parliament session and they were Ritik taunk (acted as honorable speaker), Laksh Dujari (acted as Minister) and Akash Gaikwad (acted as opposition leader).

The event was very well executed under the supervision of Professor Dr. Deepa Jamnik and Professor Vijay More. This event of Youth Parliament proved to be a memorable event from which the college students have learnt so many things and they were given a platform to express their viewpoints.

Pi day competition is an annual event in ICCS. It is held every year commemorating the symbolic date 22nd July. This day is celebrated by ICCS to spread the spirit of mathematical thinking and analytical reasoning amongst today’s youth.

The celebration of Pi day was started 12 years ago and this year too, the celebration was a triumph and a successful event with the count crossing 1500 participants, where it was started years ago only with handful of 30 students.

Earlier it used to be an inter-class competition and now gladly, it is an inter college level competition. This year it was held in the month of August at ICCS. This year Indira College of Commerce and Science was very fortunate to have the participants from Eleven colleges from all over Maharashtra. This day is marked by hosting Mathematical quizzes in different colleges and schools. Faculties from ICCS went to these colleges and conducted the competition on Mathematical MCQs.

After evaluation, winners were declared from every college. From every participating college first three winners got prizes in the form of trophies and every participant got a participation certificate. These prizes were handed over to the winners by our faculties in their respective colleges.

In this way ICCS maintains its legacy to spread the essence of mathematics through logical and analytical reasoning among the college students.

Overall it was a very good experience and looking forward to host it for years to come.

Glimpse of the Event

Conducting competition in various colleges

Prize Distribution

Under the banner of Indira Research Cell, Commerce Research Center organized a lecture series on Fundamentals of Research. The sessions of eminent personality were arranged on each Saturday of September and October 2018 for the faculty members and M.Com students. The first session was conducted by Dr. A.B. Rao, a renowned statistician and administrator who spoke on research tool and data analysis. The second session was conducted by Dr. R. Ganeshan (CA),Director of Allana Institute of Management Science and renowned business consultant. The third session was conducted by Sanjay Mali, Director of National Insurance Academy who explored the observation method by citing day to day examples. The subsequent sessions was on Research Design conducted by Dr. Anil Adsule, Principal of St. Vincent College, Pune. The concluding session was delivered by Dr. Prashant Sathe, Head Research Centre, BMCC on the topic “ How to identify research gap and finalize the research topic.” The lecture series benefited the attendees and oriented them towards research. The lecture series were coordinated  by Dr. Nalanda Wani, Head of research center under the guidance of Dr. Janardhan Pawar, Principal- in charge of ICCS.

As a part of curriculum, ICCS  had organized an industrial visit to Cotton King which is located at Baramati on 13th August 2018. Total 40 students along with 3 faculty members visited the production unit. Cotton King is a manufacturing unit which manufactures shirts, trousers, jeans etc. The students got a practical experience by visiting the unit. The students saw the raw material turn into finished products. The visit was co – ordinated by Dr. Santosh Kulkarni under the guidance of Dr. Janardan Pawar.

Commerce Week 2019

Department of Commerce, ICCS following its tradition of conducting Commerce Week annualy decided to commence the Commerce Week with a challenging event called “ Moot Court “ on day one, 08/1/2019. Though a monopoly of Law colleges, Advocate Dinesh Panicker and Prof. Ruchika Kathuria decided to make it an ‘out of the box’ activity for the dynamic students of ICCS, thereby offering them an opportunity to polish their dormant skills.

The event was inaugurated by the Principal- in-charge , Dr. Janardan Pawar.  Dr. Nalanda Wani, HOD Commerce Department, Dr. Sonali Shrotri, HOD BBA Department, Prof. Shivendu Bhusan, HOD BBA-CA Department, Registrar Mrs Supriya Kutty were present for the event. Eight teams registered for the event . The preliminary grilling round was followed by two more equally challenging rounds with two teams entering the final round. The winners Swati Kalra, Rakshita Jain of TY.B.Com gave a tough competition to Nikhil Jain and Priyanshu Bhatia of SY.BBA .  Advocate Shilpa Shelar was the judge for the event.


Moot Court

‘ Audio Visual Advertisement ‘ was the 2nd event of Commerce week that took place on 9th January 2019. This event was based on the ‘social message’ as a theme. Twelve students  participated in the event. Creative copies on topics like Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Road Safety and Organ Donation were prepared by the students. The Advt. copy had a motivating impact on the audience. Prof. Anita Rathod from BBA Department and Prof. Vishal Verma from BBA- CA were the judges. Dr. Santosh Kulkarni, Dr. Marceline Fernandes and Prof. Clifford D’souza co- ordinated the event.

Audio Visual Advertisement

Indira Student Research Conference for UG and PG students was organized by ICCS on 10th January 2019. This event was conducted under the wings of Commerce Research Center and Research Cell. The response to this conference was excellent. Ten papers were presented by students of different Colleges.  Prof. Monika Kulkarni from Balaji College of Arts, Science & Commerce and Dr. Nalanda Wani from ICCS were the judges . Priyal Kasera and Rounak Reddy from Symbiosis College bagged the first prize, Sanika Sohoni from Modern College emerged as the second winner and Shyam Sen from Symbiosis won the third prize. Prof. Vinita Shrivastava and Prof. Yogita Sutar co- ordinated the event.

Indira Student Research Conference

‘ Logo Design ‘ was the fourth event that took place on 11th January 2019. Ten groups participated in the competition. Prof. Vinita Shrivastava and Miss Komal Loat were the judges. Prof. Thomson Varghese and Prof. Bharat Nagargoje were the co-ordinators of the event.

Logo Design

‘Insights to Avishkar ‘ was the fifth event of Commerce Week that took place on 11th January 2019. The event was marked by a display of research papers by students who had participated in the competition . The students shared their experiences of participation and guided the other students present with valuable tips and hints about writing research paper for Avishkar . Prof. Ratna More was the co-ordinator of the event.  Thanks to Dr. Janardan Pawar for his perpetual support and guidance and making this Commerce Week a success.

Insights to Avishkar


Pi Day Competition

The purpose of the pi Day Competition is to promote, develop and monitor, competence in practice of mathematics. It helps student to gain an interest and know the subject in depth .Pi approximation day is organized on July 22nd every year due to pi is roughly equal to 22/7.

This year also Pi Day was celebrated on 22nd July 2015.College has organized this competition in various colleges. Total number of participants from various colleges are 1084.


Rankers from Various Colleges are


Sr. NO College Name No. of winners
1 B.R Gholap Jr.College,Sangvi 3
2 Bharat English School & Jr.College ,Shivajinagar 3
3 Dinesh Classes,Kalewadi 3
4 Indira National School,Wakad 3
5 MMCC College,Kalewadi 3
6 Sancheti Jr.College,Thergaon 3
7 Shivaji Vidya Mandir & Jr.College,Aundh 3
8 Shivdhumi Vidyalaya & Jr.College,Khed-Shivapur 3
9 Shivbhumi Vidyalaya & Jr.College,Nigdi 3




The celebration of Pi day was started 9 years ago and this year too , the celebration was a triumph and a remarkable one with the count crossing 1800 participants, where it was started years ago only with handful of 30 students.

Earlier it used to be a inter-class competition and now gladly, it is a inter college level competition. This year Indira was very fortunate to have the participants from 12 colleges and schools in and around Pune. From each college, top three scoring students were awarded with winning trophies respectively and each every participation certificate. The most highlighting part of the event was the feedback from the colleges.

Overall it was a very good experience and looking forward to host it for years to come.



The celebration of Pi day was started 10 years ago and this year too , the celebration was a triumph and a successful event with the count crossing 1500 participants, where it was started years ago only with handful of 30 students.

Earlier it used to be an inter-class competition and now gladly, it is an inter college level competition. This year Indira College was very fortunate to have the participants from 12 colleges and schools in and around Pune. From each college, top three scoring students were awarded with winning trophies, Cash prizes respectively and every participant got a participation certificate. The most highlighting part of the event was the feedback from the colleges. They requested us to continue the competition and also to include high school students whereas it is presently for junior college students only.

Overall it was a very good experience and looking forward to host it for years to come.