New Trend in Global Service: Tourism and Hospitality Industry

New Trend in Global Service: Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The World is a Book, and those who do not travel, read only a page”.

  • Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine, a theologian, philosopher, and the bishop of Hippo Regius in Numidia, Roman North Africa very nicely described the importance of Tourism in the above quote.

India has significant potential considering the rich cultural and historical heritage, variety in ecology, terrains, and places of natural beauty spread across the country. Anyone can become crazy to see Indian nature, which is beautiful, uplifting, alluring, and adventurous. India is not only a country that showcases these things, but many and more countries across the world having its own unique identity. The tourism industry and hospitality industry serve these people and they can feel like their dreams come true.

Most of people have a misunderstanding between the terms tourism industry and the hospitality industry. These are two different industries that go in a parallel way. They support each other to provide better facilities for clients. According to India Brand Equity Foundation, as of 2019, 4.2 crore jobs were created in the tourism sector in India, which was 8.1 percent of total employment in the country. According to WTTC, In 2018, India ranked third in travel and tourism’s total GDP contribution. World Economic Forum published that, India ranked 34 in the travel and tourism competitiveness report 2019.

In Tourism and Hospitality industry, hospitality management focuses on different operations including hotels, medical, wellness, sports, film, MICE, eco-tourism, restaurants, cruise, ships, amusement parks, country clubs, and convention centers while tourism management focuses on tourism development, management of the travel industry, tourism marketing, and tourism services.

Nowadays, the Scope of tourism is increased as people availing these services for spending vacations, business, Holistic, meditation, and study purposes also. An individual requires different facilities as per their perception. Depends upon the choice of the tourist, they start their journey. Some tourist visits the places to enjoy hospitality services while some tourists visit the places to get relaxation and increase their general knowledge. Mutual understandings between these two industries give more benefits and help to increase economic potential.

Tourism and Hospitality management mainly focuses on client’s satisfaction by providing the right services at the right time by the right people. Services should be qualitative and quantitative, so the client would be happy with more services at a lower cost. Industry takes lots of effort into their workforce by providing training, skill development, and education needed for effective job performance. They need to identify the geographical and demographical features of cousins and costumes so they can attract more customers.

It would be possible only when they have experts in some areas such as – management skills, geography for tourism, culture, and heritage, tourism policy and planning, facility and security management, food and beverage management, foreign language, convention, and events, front office and housekeeping management, accommodation management, and logistics management.

The Digital era created very easy for any traveler to avail of any kind of tourism and hospitality services on their fingertip. Several websites, that aids client to get information at any place at any time from anywhere. India is playing an imperative role in the formulation of national policies and programs and for the co-ordination of activities of various central government agencies, State governments, and the private sector for developing and promotion of tourism in the country.

India’s Government has initiated some significant initiatives to boost tourism and hospitality industries such as – Dekho Apna Desh Webinar series, Audio Odigos for 12 sites in India, Statue of Unity, Swadesh Darshan, Prashad scheme, and Incredible India. The below picture will showcase India’s promotional plan for the development and growth of the tourism and hospitality sector.

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