Sr. No


Name of the Speaker

Topic Date Class Attended No. of Participants Attended
1 Prof. Manmohan Vyas

Dean, MBA, Indira School of Business Studies, Pune

Career Guidance






2 Mr. Rohit Khandelwal

Senior Analyst, Wipro BPS Ltd.

Hedging Techniques 14/08/2018 TYBBA & TYBBA IB 75
3 Adv. Deepti Shrivastav Kale

Advocate, Bombay High-Court

Fundamental Rights & Fall in Democracy 17/08/2018 SYBBA, TYBBA, TYBBA IB 150
4 Pavan Choudhary

CEO and Founder of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing 20/08/2018 SYBBA, TYBBA 88
5 Mr. Sandeep Patil

General Manager, Business Development, IDP education Ltd.

Foreign Studies 21/08/2018 TYBBA 70
6 Prof. Tanuja Devi

HOD (BBA Dept. ) Garware College

Entrepreneurship Development 23/08/2018 TYBBA 55
7 Mr. Rupesh Sharma

Regional Head, Pune, EXIM Bank

Export Import Policies and Operations 24/08/2018 TYBBA IB & SYBBA IB 103
8 Ms.  Deeksha Bedekar9HOD, Dept of BBA & BBA(IB), MIT, Loni. Retail Management 26/09/2018 TYBBA 90
9 Ms. Shailaja Vohra

Market Development Manager, Education New Zealand

Education Opportunities in Foreign Countries 03/09/18 TY BBA and TY BBA IB 158
10 Mr. Raju Bhalerao

Asst. Prof. MIT, Pune

Internatioal Economics 07/09/2018 SYBBA IB 46
11 Mrs. Shanti Pise

Senior Teaching Associate,IISER, Pune

Personalty Development 11/09/2018 SYBBA 102
12 Prof. Kaustubh Purohit

Faculty, Garaware College

International Marketing 15/09/2018 SYBBA IB 30
13 Ms. Gargi Bhat

Senior Manager, Outgoing Global Entrepreneur

Foreign Internship Opportunites 5/10/2018 TY BBA and TY BBA IB 140
14 Mr. Tithish Pattnaik

Regional Manager, Miles Education

Industrial Applications of Management Accounting 5/1/2019 SYBBA 68
15 Mr. Manish Kumar


Basics of Networking 12/1/2019 FYBBA 56
16 Mr. Manish Kumar


Computer Security


12/1/2019 FYBBA (IB) 47
17 Mr. Rohit Kahndelwal

Senior Analyst, Wipro BPS Ltd.

Derivatives and Stock Market Trading 22/1/2019 TYBBA (Finance) and SYBBA (IB) 46
18 Mr. Ravindra Jayade International Business Law 25/1/2019 TYBBA IB 30
19 Dr. Amol Kasture

Nurture Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Shri JJT University


Models of System Development 25/1/2019 SYBBA 68
20 CA Soniya Goel

Chartered Accountant

Cost Sheet and Methods of Costing 29/1/2019 FYBBA 70
21 Dr. Nilesh V. Patil

Faculty: Balaji College of Arts Commerce and Science)

Ergonomics 31/1/2019 SYBBA 64



Sr. No


Name of the Speaker

Topic Date Class Attended No. of Participants Attended
1) Mrs. Ruhi Agarwal

Image Consultant & Entrepreneur

Importance of Etiquettes and Grooming 2/8/2018 FYBBA & FYBBA IB 207
2) Dr. Shikha Sindhu

HOD, HR, head Consulting and MDP cell, ISBS

Personality Development 2/8/2018 FYBBA & FYBBA IB 207
3) Mr. Mangesh Dande

Faculty, ISBS

Corporate Social Responsibility 3/8/2018 FYBBA & FYBBA IB 207
4) Mr. Yogesh Daudkhane

Faculty, ISBS

Stress Management 3/8/2018 FYBBA & FYBBA IB 207
5) Mr. Shardul Gangal

Founder, VR2ALITY

The role of Social Media in Business 3/8/2018 FYBBA & FYBBA IB 207
     6) Dr. Vrendra Tatake

Corporate Trainer: BSE

Seminar on Investment Awareness 11/09/2018 TYBBA , TYBBA IB 80
7) Mr. Minochar Patel

Corporate Trainer

Ordinary to extra ordinary – Workshop on Personality Development 28/7/2018 SYBBA & SYBBA IB 70
8) Mr. Sudip Chakravarty

National Coordinator of BSE Institute Ltd

Mr. Sheikh Siddique

Maharashtra State Coordinator Of BSE Institute Ltd.

Financial Market: Sales and Operations Certification Course 21/12/2018 TYBBA, TYBBA IB 80
9) Dr. Prashant Jagtap

Mr. Vishal Bhedurkar

Founder: Dnyanjyoti Educational

Career Guidance for UPSC, MPSC, Bank PO and Defence Competitive Exams 15/2/2019 FYBBBA, SYBBA and TYBBA 50