The Research policy of Indira College of Commerce and Science

Academic institutions are expected to perform threefold activity which includes teaching, research and extension. Research happens to be one of the pioneer aspect of academic activities which help the institution to achieve excellence in the field of education. It also includes the quality of learning and knowledge development. In order to enhance research activity in the college, Indira College of Commerce and Science has framed its research policy. The principal focus of this research policy is to inculcate research aptitude, develop right kind of research culture and provide necessary facilities for establishing appropriate research infrastructure. From this point of view the college has established its research policy in the year 2014-15 in vide resolution no – of LMC of Indira College of Commerce and Science.

 Objectives of Research Policy

The Principal objectives of the Research Policy are as follows:

  1. To develop desired awareness regarding research in the faculty of Indira College of Commerce and Science.
  2. To establish a right kind of research culture through various research initiatives and programs.
  3. To establish Research Center in different disciplines, especially in Commerce and Computer Science.
  4. To encourage faculty members to publish research papers and undertake various research projects of social and academic importance.
  5. To publish a research journal, to provide a dais to the faculty members, as well as researches and academicians in the university as well as in the country.
  6. To create awareness in the society through various research initiatives and by giving due publicity to the socially useful research projects that will be undertaken by the college.

 Research Policy

The college shall have a well-defined research quality which shall act as a guideline for the scholar, teachers and all other concerned personnel.

  1. To encourage original quality research in the fields of business, commerce, industry, computers and other relevant fields.
  2. To identify the emerging areas of research and encourage the faculty members to undertake research in these areas.
  3. To establish linkage with industries and business organizations to identify potential areas of research, surveys and other basic research enquiry.
  4. To acquire projects, market surveys and other research activities to acquire assistance from other business houses.
  5. To encourage faculty members to get research projects from National Institutes like ICSSR, UGC and other such institutions.
  6. To identify faculty members who can work as leaders in the field of research and encourage them to undertake research projects, studies and surveys.
  7. To provide financial assistance for publication of research papers and research findings.
  8. To offer a suitable platform to the faculty members, scholars and students of Indira College of Commerce and Science to publish their research findings and encourage them to bring to the notice of society issues of contemporary importance.
  9. To organize various workshops to develop appropriate research skills among the scholars and faculty members.
  10. To depute faculty members to various workshops, symposia, seminars and conferences in their respective fields as well as in areas of contemporary importance.
  11. To establish suitable infrastructure in the college that will help to undertake different research projects.
  12. To enrich information and data resources suitable for undertaking quality research projects and enquires.
  13. To undertake all other such activities which will inculcate research culture in the college.