The journal shall have an ethics policy which shall act as guidance for the authors, editors and referees. Following shall be the important aspects of ethics policy.

  1. The editors shall encourage only original research papers
  2. Unless and until the research article /paper submitted by the author is screened and verified regarding its authenticity by appropriate plagiarism software it shall not be considered for publication.
  3. The author shall have to give an understanding regarding the originality of the contents, data and techniques of analysis adopted.
  4. The case of conceptual articles or articles of empirical data, the appropriateness of the contents, sources of the data and references should be properly cited by the author.
  5. No article more than 6% of borrowed data shall be accepted.
  6. The referee may recommend resubmission or revision of article depending upon the nature, quality and contents of the particular article.
  7. Authors are expected to follow the standard formats of technical writing and guidelines regarding citations as well as presentations.
  8. In case a particular author is found guilty of having borrowed information/data without appropriate mention of its source or without giving right credit to the original author, he/her will be debar and his/her article will not be published henceforth in the journal.
  9. The ethics policy shall emphasize more on the originality, credibility and authenticity of content and data.
  10. Any article / paper with strong bias or inclination towards a particular ideology with result in either defamation of any other person or institution etc. shall not be encouraged.
  11. Articles with derogatory remarks, abuse phrases, misrepresentations or of facts shall not be published in the journal.
  12. The articles based on incomplete, fabricated data or based upon findings which have become irrelevant shall be discouraged.
  13. The editors shall not claim any responsibility for any misrepresentation, improper information or wrong claims made by the author.
  14. The journal shall have a disclaimer with this effect and the editorial board shall not be considered responsible for any improper, incorrect or wrong presentation of facts or conclusions thereof by any author.

 I. Establishment of Research Center:

          The college has established a Research Center in the faculty of Commerce which is duly approved by SPPU. The research center shall perform following activities:

  1. To encourage faculty members to undertake research in the field of commerce and business management.
  2. To undertake research projects related with business economy, commerce and industry.
  3. To establish linkages with apex institutions in the field of research in business and commerce.
  4. To enroll research scholars to pursue research in the field of commerce and business studies.
  5. To undertake all the activities that will help to establish desired research culture in the institution.

II. Initiatives to be taken by the college to promote research culture

In order to promote desired type of research culture the college shall undertake following initiatives:

  1. The Organization of research competitions for the students of graduate and post graduate programs.
  2. To organize Research Paper Competitions for teachers in the college as well as in other institutions affiliated with SPPU
  3. To organize special lectures related with research, entrepreneurial issues business and economics and other relevant topics.
  4. To undertake research projects either independently or in association with other institutes.
  5. To establish linkages with local, regional and national institutes in the field of business, commerce and industry.
  6. To organize workshops and seminars on the relevant and contemporary topics in business, commerce, computer science and appropriate disciplines.
  7. To encourage faculty members to write research papers and articles in the journals of reviewed.
  8. The reward the faculty members and students for exhibiting their skills and talents in the field of research.
  9. To publish research journal as an official publication of Indira College of Commerce and Science.