Publication of Journal

Indira College of Commerce and Science shall publish a journal with name and Style “Sameeksha”

The journal shall be released on annual basis and it shall be a platform for the scholars in the field of business, commerce, economics and management. The journal shall be an official publication of ICCS and shall have an independent editorial board, board of experts for review of articles as well as other staff to assist in the publication of journal.

 The Editorial Policy

The editorial policy of the journal shall be framed by the editorial board in consultation with the members of IQAC and principal of the college.

The Nomination of experts on the editorial Board

The editorial board shall have seven experts out of which five shall be the members who are not the faculty members of ICCS. The expert members shall have sufficient experience in the field of research and academic and shall be noted researchers in their respective field. The experts shall be from the field of business, industry, commerce and economics.

The members to be nominated shall be decided by the IQAC and co-coordinator of IQAC shall request the members to provide their bio data. It shall be reviewed before the appointment of such member of editorial Board. The tenure of the membership shall be three years. The members shall meet once a year before the publication of the journal and shall decide on the theme, areas of publication, nature of articles to be published and even other technical details regarding the publication.

The expert members may suggest a specific theme for every year’s journal and the writers shall be expected submit the paper related with the theme. The technical

details regarding publication shall be provided by the editorial board and this shall be considered as guideline to the author/research scholar. Such guidelines shall be published in the journal for the convenience and information of interested authors.

VII. Nature of Journal

The journal shall be an annual issue and it shall be published in the month of December every year. The journal shall be around 60-80 pages and shall have 10 – 12 research papers, including book reviews, research notes as well as other relevant aspects to be published in the journal. Every article to be published in the journal shall be reviewed by a set of experts (Peer Reviewed) at least two referees and therefore the article shall be send to at least two referees and their consent shall be sought as to the quality, authenticity and originality of the article. Unless and until the two experts recommend the publication of a particular article, it shall not be included in the journal.

There shall be a standard form of the evaluation of the article and shall be circulated to all the referees. The referees may send their opinion and views either by mail or print form. The contributors to the journal shall be rewarded considering the nature of the article and its utility. The remuneration of the article shall be decided by the editorial board.

Objectives of the Journal

The journal aims at providing a common platform to research scholars, academicians and professionals across the country for sharing their knowledge and thoughts on current issues. The journal also aims at providing solutions to adopt changes in the domain of commerce, economics and management.

Submission of Manuscript

Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit the full text papers to All submitted articles should report quality research work. Manuscripts should follow the standard style of formatting – font size 12, in times new roman, line spacing 1.5, margins 1.5 inches on justify, 1 inch on top, bottom and right,  including all figures, tables, and references with word limit 3000. All manuscripts are subject to review and editing. Selected papers will be published in an International Journal, ‘Sameeksha’ bearing ISSN: 2394-2517.

 Proof and Reprints:

Page proof will be send by email to the corresponding author. The corrected proof should be returned to the editor within 10 days of receipt. All correspondence through email will be preferred to avoid delay.


The individual membership is open for students and researchers.


Any correspondence regarding the manuscript should be made through