Students Development Committee

Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Prof. vijay More
Prof Ninad Thorat
Prof. Vineeta Srivastava
Prof. Manisha Patil
Prof Ranjit More


  1. To initiate various activities of student’s development. This shall improve the followings:-

I) Personality development activities.
II) Various academic and college development initiatives
III) Organization of various tournaments and seminars and competitions.
IV) Encouraging students to participate in various intercollegiate competitions.

  1. Skill development initiatives for the students
  2. To develop annual plan of various student’s personality development programs
  3. To prepare budget for such activities.
  4. Organize various in-house sports competition
  5. Organize various in-house cultural and recreational activities

Alumni Association

Name of Committee Member
Prof. Santosh Kulkarni
Prof. Nadaf Ashapak
Prof. Marceline Fernandes
Prof. Ms. Shital Pashankar
Prof. Ranjeet More

The Alumni association shall be constituted and registered an independent body. Committee shall have the following:-Principal as chairperson, 3 pass out students as executive members, 3 present students and one members from IQAC