Basic Infrastructure and development committee

Name of Committee Member
Ms. Supriya Kutty
Mr. Dhurendre
Prof. Vijay More
Prof. Mangesh K.
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Dr. Kishor Pathare


  1. To design appropriate infrastructure policies.
  2. To identify and enlist the available infrastructure for different Services, facilities, and amenities.
  3. To enlist areas where infrastructure requirements is identified.
  4. To prepare a project plan for developing new infrastructure.
  5. To enlist items in terms of quantity and cost required for infrastructure.
  6. To prepare suitable budget and submit in date for infrastructure development.
  7. To take review of infrastructure available at the end of year to prepare new request for infrastructure

B) Information and Library Resource Committee

Name of Committee Member
Mr. Mangesh Kuman
Ms. Shilpa Pawar
Mr. Pravin Mate
Prof. Santosh kulkarni
Prof. Avinash Shingte


  1. To take review of available resources.
  2. To make an in-house audit of various levels and their utilization.
  3. To identify areas where new resources are required to identify facilities required in the library.
  4. To prepare budget and intend request.
  5. To take follow up at the end of academic session.
  6. Enlisting loss of books and resources
  7. Deciding policies regarding usage of library resources
  8. Deciding policies regarding scraping and discarding books.
  9. Organization of various activities and celebration of days in the library.

C) Information and data development committee

Name of Committee Member
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Prof. Sarita Byagar
Ms. Bismillah J.
Ms. Vidya G
Dr. Sumedh G
Prof. Ashish Dhoke
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan


  1. To develop appropriate policies regarding usage of various Computer and resources, and other infrastructure resources.
  2. To develop appropriate policies of computer resources.
  3. To identify the requirements of new computers, software and Programs.
  4. To prepare budget request of such requirement.
  5. To develop information policies and privacy policy.
  6. To develop security network for information usages.

D) Campus development Committee

Name of Committee Member
Ms. Supriya Kutty
Mr. Dhurendre
Mr. Kishore Pathare
Mr. Jitendra Vaidya
Mr. Mangesh K.
Prof. Janardan Pawar


  1. To develop suitable campus development policies to undertake following audits

I) Energy Audit
II) Cleanliness Audit
III) Green Audit

  1. To inspect canteen and maintain appropriate quality check.
  2. To develop cleanliness checkup report policy.
  3. To take review of overall campus cleanliness and maintenance.
  4. To identify areas where further campus development is possible.
  5. To prepare budget for campus development.