1. Research innovation promotion committee
Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Dr. Nalanda Wani
Prof. Ashish Dhoke
Prof. Sarita Byagar
Prof. Vijaya Kumbhar
Dr. Ashwini shende
Prof. Manisha Patil
Prof Thomson V.



  1. To develop suitable research policies of the institution
  2. To develop innovation promotion policies for research
  3. To identify the area where innovations are possible
  4. To save resources, improve fund generation academic
  5. Performance student’s participation and creative methods of academic and administrative


  1. To encourage research projects and enquires
  1. Extension services and development committee
Name of Committee Member
Dr. Chandrashekhar Pawar
Prof. Sumit Sasane
Prof Ratna More



  1. To develop extension services policies.
  2. To identify activities, and extension services for each academic year.
  3. To design suitable program initiatives to implement extension services.
  4. To take follow ups of activities carried out.
  5. To prepare reports and documents of extension services conducted by colleges.
  6. To take feedback from various stake holders and beneficiary.
  7. To quantify the benefits of such extension services in terms of cost, type, resources and     benefits received.

Collaboration and join initiatives and linkages committee

Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Dr. Ashwini shende
Prof. Thomson Varghese
Dr. Nalanda Wani
Prof Prajawal Bhalsingh



  1. To know areas where linkages and collaborations can be undertaken.
  2. To identify institution of agencies to whom collaboration shall be Undertaken.
  1. To enlist areas where such joined collaborations activities in Linkages shall be done by various departments.
  2. Prepare documents of linkages
  3. To enlist activities to be undertaken through such linkages.
  4. To take stock of various activities undertaken and feedback.
  1. To quantify the benefits of collaborations and linkages.