1. Students profile and data Committee
Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Prof. Tejashree Phalke
Prof. Mahendra S.
Prof. Bharat N.
Prof. Anita Rathod



  1. To develop complete data base of students enrolled and admitted for all the programs and classes.
  2. Classification of student’s data on following parameters.

Classification based on
I) Genders:-Male, Female and transgender.
II) Caste wise: – Open, SC, ST, NT, VJNT and OBC
III) Religion wise:-Hindus and minorities
IV) Minorities: Jain, Muslim, shikh, Parsi, Christian.
V) Students from within the state and outside the state

  1. Students dropout:-Dropout means who is admitted and paid

Admitted fees and not filled the examination form.

  1. Students who has appeared for the examination
  2. Students who have passed for the examination
  1. Academic Systems Development Committee
Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Prof. Vishal Verma
Prof. Sarita Byagar
Prof. Ashok Raut
Prof. D’Souza



  1. Develop the academic calendar of various activities to be performed all-round the year
  2. Classification of various academic activities to be undertaken by each department
  3. Assigning responsibilities of activities
  4. To organize interdepartmental academic activities
  5. To organize college level academic activities
  6. To maintain reports and documents of such activities.
  1. faculty Analysis and development committee
Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Dr. Janadan Pawar
Prof.Thomson Varghese
Dr.Nalanda Wani


Committee should perform the following objectives

  1. Faculty requirement of each program
  2. To identify the required and actual faculty positions according to Course, Qualifications and
  1. To develop faculty profile on following criteria

I) Qualification
II) Experiences
III) Special achievements etc.

  1. To identify various faculty development initiatives

I) Academic development and enrichment
II) Faculty development at college level
III) Skill development workshop.
IV) In-house open session to enrich problems of faculties.

  1. Provision of various research and development incentives
  1. Felicitation of faculties for following achievements

I) Participation in conference and seminar
II) Awards won
III) Recognitions
IV) Collaboration with different other institutes
V) Skill acquisition
VI) Training program attended
VII) Research project undertaken
VIII) Grants and funds generated

  1. Academic evaluation and analysis committee


Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Prof.Thomson Varghese
Dr. Nalanda Wani
Prof. Manisha Patil
Prof. Ashish dhoke
Prof. Sunil More



  1. Prepare detailed analysis of class wise academic performance.
  2. I) Percentage of passing
  3. II) Average marks scored

III) Distinction, certificates of merits etc.

  1. IV) Comparing college result with universities result standards.
  2. V) Developing mechanism to analysis

VII) Reasons of poor performance

  1. Identifying exceptionally brilliant and low performance by

Establishing suitable criteria.

  1. Organization of remedial classes and guidance sessions
  2. Developing a strategy to improve the performance of students.