1. Students Achievements Performance Evaluation Committee
Name of Committee Member
Dr. Janardan Pawar
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Dr. Nalanda Wani
Prof.Thomson Varghese
Prof. Vineeta Srivastava
Prof. Mahendra Suryawanshi
Dr. Kishor Pathare
Prof. Manisha Patil



  1. Classification of students with special skills. Students having outstanding performance.

I) performing arts (drama, music etc.)
II) Personality development skills Essay, Group discussion Elocution.
III) Sports
IV) Technical skills and research skills. (Avishkar Competition)
v) Students who have won scholarship.
VI) Students who have appeared for various intercollegiate, inter university, State, National level competition. University,
VII) Students who represents University State, National level tournaments.
VIII) Competitive Examination assistance to students.