Strategy and Policy formation Group:

Name of Committee Member
Ms. Supriya Kutty
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Dr. Janadan Pawar
Prof. Thomson Varghese
Dr. Nalanda Wani
Ms. Deepali Kulkarni
Mr. Mangesh K
Dr. Kishor P
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar


  1. Decide Long term policies for college Development
  2. Prepare appropriate plans for college Development
  3. Design various programs to academic initiative
  4. Workout policies for faculty development
  5. Develop student development enrich policies
  6. Design research and innovations policies
  7. Prepare year wise achievement plans
  8. Create appropriate prospective plans

Financial resource management committee

Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Dr. Janardan Pawar
Ms. Supriya Kutty
MS. Deepali Klukarni



  1. To develop estimated basics of each program and each academic Initiatives
  1. To design estimate of payment of each programs and academic Activities