BBA - (CA)

BBA-(CA) previously known as B.C.A Bachelor of Computer Application is an under-graduate course of 3 years duration having 6 semesters. The course teaches the students about the basic concepts of programming languages and its applications with complementary knowledge related to management and accounting. This degree course is best option which encompasses the entry point for all streams students to make a career in computers.
Scope for Higher Studies after BBA-CA in Computer Application
There are many higher studies options for those who have pursued BBA-(CA). Higher studies will help the students to get placed in better positions and will improve their remuneration. Some of those options are given below.
• MCA in Computer Application
• MCA in Computer Management
• MCA in Computer Science
• Master in Business Administration
Career Opportunities after BBA-CA in Computer Application
The candidates who have completes BBA-CA in Computer Application have many career opportunities in both private and public sector organizations. Various job types available for these graduates are listed below.
• Network Administrator
• Database Administrator
• Software Programmer
• Software Trainee
• Programmer
• Technical Support Associate
• System Analyst
• QA Tester
• Game Developer
• Application Developer
• Software Marketer
• Technical Architect
• Technical Analyst
• IT Consultant
• Web Application Developer
• Professor
• Systems Engineer
• Mainframe Systems Manager
• IT Manager
• Client-Server Systems Manager
• Software Tester
• Project Manager
• Healthcare Software
• Computer Systems Specialist Supervisor
Some of the organizations that recruit computer application graduates are IT Companies, Airport Authority of India, Banking sector, Indian Railways, Research organizations, Telecom Industry, Indian Space Research Organization, Defense Research and Development Organization, Combined Defense Service, Union Public Service Commission, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Electronic Cooperation of India Limited, Steel Authority of India, etc. The aspirants interested in teaching are required to appear for the SET/NET exam. Those who qualify in the exam can apply for the lecturer post in various government/private colleges.

Intake and Pattern

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160 seats, Semester Pattern, 3 Years Graduation Course

Admission Procedure

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The BBA-CA course of Indira College of Commerce and Science(ICCS) is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University. The admissions to same are done as per rules & regulations framed by the Savitribai Phule Pune University, time to time .The details of various dates (schedules) are published by college in their information brochure as well as available on their website Interested candidates must regularly visit the ICCS website for eligibility and procedure in detail.
The online application form will be available in the month of May and June, every year. After 12th results, candidates are have to fill this form, make online payment for application and submit the hardcopy in college by hand or by post. A Common Entrance Test will be conducted in the month of June and Merit List is prepared on the basis of entrance marks, and then candidates can take admission to this course.
For admission confirmation, following documents are necessary:
• 12th Mark sheet
• Passing Certificate
• Transfer/Migration Certificate
• Cast Certificate if applicable
• Validity Certificate if applicable
• Gap Certificate if applicable

For specific queries you may personally visit our Admission Cell in the campus.

Course Structure
Paper Title of Paper
101 Modern Operating Environment & MS Office
102 Financial Accounting
103 Programming Principles and Algorithm
104 Business Communication
105 Principles of Management
106 Laboratory Course-I[Based on paper 101 & paper 102

Semester II

201 Procedure oriented Programming using C
202 Database Management System
203 Organizational Behavior
204 Computer Application in Statistics
205 E-Commerce Concept
206 Laboratory Course-II[Based on paper 201 & paper 202

Semester III

301 Relational Database Management System
302 Data Structure using C
303 Operating System Concepts
304 Business Mathematics
305 Software Engineering
306 Laboratory Course-III[Based on paper 301 & paper 302

Semester IV

401 OOP’s using C++
402 Programming in Visual Basics
403 Computer Networking
404 Enterprise Resource Planning
405 Human Resource Management
406 Laboratory Course-IV[Based on paper 401 & paper 402

Semester V

501 Java Programming
502 Web Technologies
503 Dot Net Programming
504 Object Oriented Software Engineering
505 Software Project-I[Based on C++/VB Technology]
506 Laboratory Course-V[Based on paper 501 & paper 502

Semester VI

601 Advanced Web Technologies
602 Advanced Java
603 Recent Trends in IT
604 Software Testing
605 Software Project-II[Based on Java/ Dot net Technology]
606 Laboratory Course-VI[Based on paper 601 & paper 602

HSC (10+2) from any stream with English as passing Subject with minimum 40% marks in aggregate.
Two years Diploma in Pharmacy Course of Board of Technical Education, conducted by Government of Maharashtra or its equivalent.
Three Year Diploma Course (after S.S.C. i.e. 10th Standard), of Board of Technical Education conducted by Government of Maharashtra or its equivalent.


Contact for Admission

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Dr. Janardan A. Pawar
Principal In-charge
Head of the Department- B.Sc & M.Sc. (Comp. Sc.),
Contact: +91-20-66759504/636,

Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Contact : +91-20-66759636
Indira College of Commerce and Science
‘Dhruv’, 89/2A, New Pune-Mumbai Highway,
Tathwade, Pune – 411033, India


Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome
101 Modern Operating Environment & MS Office


1) Studied about fundamental knowledge of computers

2)Learned about Input and Output Devices

3)Studied about MS Office

4) Learned concept regarding Operating System,LAN,WAN.

102 Financial Accounting


1) Helps students to acquire sound knowledge of basic concepts of accounting

2) Gains  basic accounting knowledge

3) Impart the knowledge about recording of transactions and preparation of final accounts

4) Acquaint the students about accounting software packages (Tally)

103 Programming Principles & Algorithms


1) Students get the knowledge of developing algorithms which develops the logical ability of the students.


2) It is the basic requirement of programming as students learns basics of Algorithms, Flowcharts etc.


3) Students get job as  a  programmer in good organizations.



104 Business Communication



1) Become adept to communicate and write effectively.

2) Developing and delivering effective presentations.

 3) Create awareness among students about Methods and Media of communication.

4) Make students familiar with information technology and improve job seeking skills.


105 Principles of Management


1) Practice the process of management’s four functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling

2) Evaluate leadership styles to anticipate the consequences of each leadership style.

3) Understand the working of business organization

4) inculcate Entrepreneurial skills

201 Procedure Oriented Programming Using C


1) To Understand how to use programming in day to day Applications

2) Improve the problem solving ability

3)Understand and develop well-structured programs using C language


202 Database Management System


1) To understand the file structure and its organization.

2) An introduction about Database management system

3) Helps student to learn different types of data models

4) Student gets knowledge about designing relational database

203 Organizational Behavior


1) Helps the students to understand the impact that individual, group & structures have on their behavior within the organizations.

2) Enhance and apply the knowledge they have received for the betterment of the organization.

3) Helps in understanding the basics related to individual behavior and its impact on their performance


204 Computer Application in Statistics


1)    To understand the power of excel spreadsheet in computing summary statistics.

2)    To understand the concept of various measures of central tendency and variation and their importance in business.

3)    To understand the concept and applications  of probability, probability distributions in real life situations.

4)    To understand simulations in business world and decision making.

205 E-Commerce Concepts


1) Studied about concepts of E-Commerce, E-com application, Website and hosting website domain name.

2)Electronic fun transfer and e-cash ,paper less bill concepts studied

3)Studied about intranet ,extranet and internet

4) Learned security in e- com- encryption types.

Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome
301 Relational Database Management System 1) Students get the knowledge of Relational Database concepts which is the basic requirements of every organization.


2) Students get job as  a  DBA in good organizations.


3) Students can go for certification too which helps to get good opportunities in their carrier.


302 Data Structure using C 1) Students get the knowledge of Programming..


2) Students get job as a Programmer in organizations.


3) Data Structures using C subject is the basic requirements of every organization



303 Operating System Concepts 1)To know system programming

2) Helps to understand services provided by operating system

3)To know Scheduling concept and scheduling algorithm

4)Helps to understand deadlock detection, prevention, avoidance

5) To know memory management in operating systems

304 Business Mathematics 1)Students learned basics of fundamental maths

2)Studied business problems and conversion into business maths

3)Learned the concept of LPP and transportation problem

4)Studied matrices and determinants

305 Software Engineering 1)  Graduates are knowledgeable of the ethics, professionalism, and cultural diversity in the work environment.

2) Graduates can prepare and publish the necessary documents required throughout the project lifecycle. 

3) Graduates can effectively contribute to project discussions, presentations, and reviews.

4) Develops Problem solving Skills

5) Develops Team work ability.

401 Object Oriented Programming using C++ 1)To  learn basic object oriented concept

2)To write C++ programs that use object oriented concept such information hiding, constructors, destructors

3) To know Inheritance, Polymorphism and its implementation in programming

4)Basic understanding of Template and Exception handling


402 Programming in Visual Basic 1) Students learned about event driven programing

2)Studied about MDI forms and implementation in projects

3)Studied different activeX controls

4)Studied Connectivity and data report in vb

403 Computer Networking 1) Students can get job as a Network Administrator in any organization.

2) This subject has wide scope in every MNC’s as Networking is required every where.

3). Students can go for Certifications like CCNA which  helps to get better opportunities in M.N.C’s.

404 Enterprise Resource Planning 1) Through ERP students studied how to work with ERP

2) How to handle database

3) Client and Server Connection and Architecture

4)Linkages of different Organizations

405 Human Resource Management 1) Contribute to the development, implementation, and evaluation of employee recruitment, selection, and retention plans and processes.

2) Develop, implement, and evaluate employee orientation, training, and development programs.

3) It helps students to understand different functions related to HRM & E-HRM

4) Helps to understand the Importance of HRM in different Organizations

Subject Code Subject Name Subject Outcome
501 Java Programming 1) Student studied basic knowledge of java programming

2) Learned the concept of class and objects, and basic concept of abstraction,encapsulation,inheritance and polymorphism
3)  Studied how to deal with the files

4) Learned the concept of Frame and related functions


502 Web Technologies 1) Give students the basic understanding of how things work in the Web world from the technology point of view as well as to give the basic overview of the different technologies.

2) Understand how to develop web based applications.

3) Students are able to develop a dynamic webpages.

503 Dot Net Programming 1) It introduces visual programming and event driven programming practically

2)To know Architecture of ADO.Net

3)Helps student to understand object oriented programming in VB.NET

4)To enhance applications development skills of the students


504 Object Oriented Software Engineering 1)  This subject helps students to get job as a Developer or Tester in software company.

2) Students will learn the concept of software engineering in object oriented approach.

3) This subject has wide scope in every MNC’s.

601 Advanced Web Technology 1) Give students the basic understanding of how things work in the Web world from the technology point of view as well as to give the basic overview of the different technologies.

2) Understand the concepts of XML and AJAX

3) Students are able to develop a dynamic webpages.

602 Advance Java 1) Studied the detailed knowledge of Thread and Multithreading

2) Studied the basic concept of Java Database

3) Studied the concept of Servlet and web and how to deal with the client and server on web applications

4) Learned the concept of networking in java and concept like IP address ,Data Input and Output Stream.

603 Recent Trends in IT 1)  This subject helps students to get knowledge of recent trends in Information Technology.

2) Students will learn the concept of Network Security, Cloud Computing etc, which helps students to get job as a developer or network administrator in companies.

604 Software Testing 1) One of the Imp. Phase of SDLC, Students can get job as a Tester in software company.

2) This subject has wide scope in every MNC’s as Testing process is required from the starting of every project.

3) Manual and Automation Testing both covers here, students can go for Certifications also which helps to get better opportunities in M.N.C’s.