The students of INDIRA are required to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance per semester. Any student failing to meet the above standard is liable to get his/her term cancelled and in addition he/she will not be allowed to participate in the Campus Recruitment Programme. Feedback based on a monthly monitoring of attendance helps students maintain the minimum required attendance. The course is strenuous in nature and demands attendance on Sundays too. As such any student willing to put in long hours on a regular basis will be best suited to adapt to the course and derive maximum benefit from it.

Dress Code
At INDIRA, we believe in inculcating a sense of discipline and belonging among the students by observing a strict dress code. Students are expected to wear formal dress (shirt & trouser for gents; business suits salwar kameez for ladies) throughout the week, except on Saturdays which will be observed as ’casual-day’. On the occasion of guest lectures, seminars, etc. students are expected to be dressed in the INDIRA uniform (blazers, tie, shirt, trouser for gents/sari for ladies). A student failing to adhere to the dress code will not be allowed to attend the  lectures and will face disciplinary action.

NOTE : Parents of selected candidates will have to sign an undertaking at the time of admission that their son/daughter will strictly adhere to the Discipline Policy.

Hostel Rules
The boys and girls Hostels at INDIRA have a set of rules which have to be adhered to strictly by the students. Each hostel is headed by a warden who acts as a facilitator & observer to maintain the discipline in the hostels and ensure its smooth functioning. Students opting to stay in the hostel will have to sign an undertaking in accepting the rules set by the management. Ragging of any type will not be accepted and the concerned students’ admissions would be canceled immediately.