Social Initiatives and responsiveness committee

Name of Committee Member
Dr. Chandrashekhar Pawar
Prof. Sumit Sasane
Prof. Vijay More
Prof. Ratna more


  1. To know various social initiatives that college intends to organize
  2. To identify proposed class of beneficiaries for whom such programs shall be organized
  3. To prepare calendar of such initiatives
  4. To design the program and its contents
  5. To prepare the budget and to undertake following measures

Healthy initiatives and Best Practices:

Name of Committee Member
Prof. Shivendu Bhushan
Dr. Janadan Pawar
Prof.Thomson Varghese
Dr. Nalanda Wani
Prof. Nadaf Gulab
Prof. Anita R
Prof Merceline
Prof Veejaya K


  1. To identify various healthy and best practices to be undertaken
  2. To examine the mode implementation of such practices
  3. To encourage larger participation of students and faculties to Execution of healthy practices
  4. To develop various programs and enlarge the focus of the activities, parents and other stack holders in such programs