I-MUN 2017

I-MUN 2017; Our first step into the world of diplomacy.

A two day conference addressing extremely sensitive global issues through debating and discussions leading to finding solutions that help change world perceptions, is what I-MUN comprises of.

(19th and 20th December 2017).

This year I-MUN hosted it’s sixth edition in a bigger, better and much magnificent manner where we welcomed participating delegates of about 150 countries. The event was regulated by our HOD and event adviser, Prof. Sonali Shrotri.

The first day of i-MUN started with a welcome note and introduction to I-MUN by our anchors Divya Khanna and Neha Vyas in Dhruv Auditorium followed by a women centric themed welcome dance.

This was followed by our principal, Dr Anjali Kalkar addressing the gathering and welcoming the dignitaries.
Professor Chetan Wakalkar, the group director of IGI along with all respected dignitaries, was invited for the badging of the Executive Board members and the USGs and Coordinators of committees following which he released the magazine of I-MUN 2017, “The Connaissance” and also enlightened everyone about the history of MUN. The opening ceremony came to a halt with the Secretary General of I-MUN, Vippin Babu declaring the I-MUN 2017 open.

All councils commenced with their discussions at 12 noon.

UNSC was headed by Samriddh Tilwani and Kaif Kutchwala addressing the maintenance of stability in the Korean penimsula, while the UNODC addressed drug trafficking and anti military financing networks and was headed by Shreshth Bansal and Moushmi Pardesi.
AIPPM had a constructive discussion on topics like GST and demonetization and was regulated by speakers Kapish Agarwal and Angad Dhupar.
UNESCO dealt with sustainable development in an effort to eradicate poverty by promoting education across the globe. It was regulated by Sakshi Uniyal and Rachit Singh.

The conference of first day ended at 6 pm and included addressing of the problems at a international level.

The second day saw a continuation in the discussion aiming mostly at solutions rather than addressing kg any additional issues. This day also held an informal press award session where the IP gave away goodies to delegates with the best smile, humor or behavior and way of debating.
As a conclusion to the conference all the councils conducted their press release.

The MUN conference proceeded it’s conclusion with the closing ceremony which began with an informal contemporary dance followed by a token of thanks given to the executive board members, usgs and coordinators of committees . All the board members felicitated their best and deserving delegates along with cash prizes.

The two day conference came to a halt with a vote of thanks by the Director Generals Priya Das and Manish Karjol.