i-MUN 2016


Better world: Comprehension and Revelation


The 5th edition of i-MUN resonates with the beat and vibration in the heart of ICCS. This year we have marched further together with a new team of i-MUN 2016. This year we hosted four new councils of assembly which are as follows.

  1. United Nations Security Council- Under the charter the Security Council has primary responsibilities for the maintenance of international peace and security. It has 15 members and each member has one vote. Addressing the borderline conflicts in South Asia is the agenda of this year’s Security Council.
  2. United Nations Women- The organization is governed by a multi-tiered intergovernmental governance structure in-charge of providing normative and operational policy guidance. Violation of women’s rights in the name of religion and culture is this year’s agenda.

  3. Rajyasabha- The rajyasabha or the council of states is the upper house of the parliament of India. Membership of rajyasabha is limited by the constitution to a maximum of 250 members, and current laws have provisioned for 245 members. This year we discuss the issues regarding demonetisation of Indian currency in lieu of the RBI act, 1949.

  4. United Nations High Commission for Refugees-In urban areas, many refugees share accommodation or live in non-functional public buildings, collective centers, slums and informal types of settlements. UNHCR struggles for advocacy, asylum and migration, cash-based interventions, coordinating assistance, education, ending settlements, public health and shelter. This year we have discussed the current issues such as rehabilitation of Syrian Refugees.