Currency exhibition by Globetrotters at ICCS

“A studio is a laboratory, not a factory. An exhibition is the result of your experiments, but the process is never ending, so an exhibition is not a conclusion” Very wisely said by Chris Oifili. So do we Globetrotters believe and this stimulated into organising currency exhibition at Indira College of commerce and science. The exhibition was held on 21st September 2018 by BBA (IB) students to learn and let others learn about the different currencies and the economic conditions of different country. We invited students and faculties from other colleges to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition was inaugurated by our respected Principal In-charge, Dr. Janardan Pawar. Other faculty members visited there as well. There were countries like France, U.S.A, India, Germany and many more. The students presented posters, charts, models and sample currencies to explain people. Few countries prepared working models of A.T.M machines, foreign currency exchanging machine etc. It was an open Exhibition for all students to come, visit and learn about new things as learning never stops. All visitors and teachers were amazed and appreciated the activity.

The other and important part of the exhibition was Yashlaxmi numismatic museum. We invited people from Yashlaxmi Numismatic museum of Pune to present the real currencies of many countries to inform students about different currencies. They presented many different currencies of India which was new to everyone’s knowledge. They explained us everything starting from why do we have currencies? To different phase of history of the same. We got to know about different facts like Indonesia coin have Lord Ganesha’s photo printed on their coins. Some of the Indian coins have Gangadhar Tilak printed on the coin and Shivaji as well.

Every visitor including the organisers were so mesmerised after knowing so many unknown facts about currencies. It was the day we can tell “The knowledgeable day”. The Globetrotters are thankful to al the faculty members and our Respected HOD ma’am Dr. Sonali Shrotri for having vision of conducting this exhibition and for providing us with lots of knowledge.