Dr. Tarita ShankarDear friends,

The world has come to recognize India as an economic powerhouse, waiting to burst out of its shell of slow and painful progress and curtailed economic freedom for over 50 years. With liberalization the era of free market economy dawned on India in 1991. Slowly and at times haltingly, our economic reforms programme has been taken forward for the past two decades. On the way we have encountered turbulence in the form of the recession and some unhelpful economic decisions, which have slowed our progress towards Super Power status. One believes that we will once again be able to press forward in the coming years and command our place on the world’s stage as a star player. Indians are among the most talented in terms of entrepreneurial abilities and the large number of Indians occupying stellar roles in the world’s best known corporate is enough indication of this. Our country is going to need thousands of brilliant minds to shape our future as the justifiable leaders in the race to development.

In order to encourage talent to come to the fore, we need to provide the right motivation through cutting edge knowledge from reputed and best in class organizations. Indira College of Commerce and Science is among the top colleges that makes talent bloom through its holistic programme of academic, physical, sports, spiritual and extra and co-curricular activities that are designed to expose the brilliance that is within its students.

I welcome you therefore to join the ICCS and become part of a winning group of students, faculty, staff and educationists who can together take India to its ultimate aim of being among the top three economically advanced nations of the world by 2020.

Dr. Tarita Shankar,


Indira Group of Institutes