Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 which is in effect from 15th May, 1999 has the following provisions for Action against Ragging:

Ragging within or outside of any educational institution is prohibited.

Whosoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets, or propagates ragging within or outside any educational institution shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term up to 2 years and / or penalty, which may extend to ten thousand rupees.

Any student convicted of an offence of ragging shall be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution for a period of five years from the date of order of such dismissal.

It is brought to the notice of the Institutions, students and other various stakeholders that ragging is a criminal offence and UGC has framed regulations, on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institution, in order to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of ragging. The regulations have been notified vide No. F. 1-16/2009 (CPP-II) dated 21.10.2009 and are available on UGC website:

Anti-Ragging Committee Members :

Sr. No. Anti-ragging Committee Members Designation Contact Details
1 Mr. Sandeep Gaikwad Director(Admin) SCES 020-66739823
2 Dr. Anjali P. Kalkar Principal 020-66759507
3 Prof. Janardan A. Pawar Vice Principal 020-66759502
4 Mr. Rajesh Sathe Registrar 020-66759517
5 Mr. Madhukar Jadhav Admin Officer 020-66759406
6 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Boy’s Hostel Warden (Nrusinha) 020-66759504
7 Mr. Mohd. Shariff Boy’s Hostel Warden(Auto Point) 020-66759819
8 Mr. Prashant Dhake Asst. professor 020-66759511
9 Mr. Vishal Verma Asst. Professor 020-66759516
10 Mrs. Sandhya Sulke Warden- Girl’s Hostel (Galaxy) 020-66759623
11 Mrs. Sunita Bonawale Warden- Girl’s Hostel (Star) 8975933781
12 Mrs. Uma Iyyer Parent 9960290318
13 Mr. Ranjan Kale Student 8237404757
Following are the members of the Squad:
Sr. No. Name of the member Designation Contact No.
1 Mr. Rajesh Sathe Registrar 9922065611
2 Mr. Sanjay Dixit Dy Director- Admin 020-66759819
3 Prof. Vishal Verma  Assistant Professor 9975268516
4 Mrs. Tejashri Phalke Assistant Professor 9975157372
5 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Lecturer/ Warden-Boys’ Hostel 7387368599
6 Mr. Prashant Dhake Assistant Professor 9175406617
7 Mrs. Sandhya Sulke Warden – Girls’ Hostel (Galaxy) 9156765008
8 Mrs. Sunita Bonawale Warden- Girl’s Hostel (Star) 8975933781
9 Mr. Madhukar Jadhav Admin Officer 9763617683
10 Mr. Vaijinath P. Dhurandhare Head Clerk 9923424921

All students & their parents must submit anti ragging undertaking at time of admission on stamp paper. Students in distress owing to ragging related incidents can access the Toll Free Helpline No. 1800-180-5522.

College email ID :