GUSTO MYTHOS Legends Never Die…

Indira College of Commerce and Science, Pune hosted the 11th edition of its annual fest “Gusto”. This edition marked the beginning of a whole new decade of fun, frolic, pomp and show.

The fest was a three day affair involving a series of activities belonging to various categories. These categories included

– Management (treasure hunt, mock stock)

– ‎Tangential (quizzes, collage and poster making)

– ‎Cultural (DJ, Band War, Fashion show)

– ‎IT (programming)

– ‎Sports (Basketball, Cycle race)

The first day commenced with the inauguration ceremony where Dr. Tarita Shankar (Chairperson- IGI) and Prof. Chetan Wakalkar (Group Director – IGI) were the Guests of Honor. The ceremony began with the welcome address by our Principal Dr. Anjali Kalkar.

It also gave a glimpse of this year’s theme “Mythology” – a mixture of Indian, Egyptian and Greek with the help of three dance sequences each depicting the different mythologies followed by revealing of the Champion’s trophy amongst others.

This was followed by events like Cyclothon – the cycle race, Sports, IT gaming and Dance ‘o’ Mania-the solo dance competition. The first day came to an end with the highlight event of the day C’Phony – War of DJs.

The second day was fun filled with events like BB Chakravyuha- the Bollywood quiz, Surukshetra – solo singing competition, Dare to Think – IT Quiz, and Amun Quest -treasure hunt where participants had a jolly time mapping the campus to solve a kidnapping mystery through clues and tasks. The highlight of this day was ‘Apollo’s Gig’, the band war which saw various bands from across the State clashing with each other. This time we also welcomed “Elemental” the Bhopali growlers’ as the headliner band for the event.

The last day showcased two variant kinds of dance events- Feet Groove (Group Dance competition) and Junk-e-Junkies (street dance competition) followed by the highlight of the day “La Bella – Bellezze” the very popular fashion show. The participant groups represented mythologies in a unique and beautiful manner and the show came to an end with the college group depicting the entire journey of Gusto over the last decade.

The power packed three day fest finally concluded with the closing ceremony and prize distribution.


The Graduation Day Ceremony


“A graduation ceremony is not only an event where students are dressed in identical caps and gowns but also a day on which they turn back and trace their steps to see how they ended up.”

The Graduation Day Ceremony of Indira College of Commerce and Science will be held on 10th March 2018.

Mr. Vaibhav Nagarkar (Director – Inspiration Academy) will be our Chief Guest.