Indira Gusto X-plosion 2016

Management Events –

Gusto X-plosion 2016 was a delightful time not just for the students and participants involved in the fun and exciting events but also for the makers and dreamers who collectively conceptualized and executed one of the finest and most remarkable college festival in the city. Attracting hundreds of students from all over the country for the event was a challenge that required determination and luckily our crew was just the right kind for this venture. We couldn’t be happier with the guidance of our teachers who stood by us every step of the way. The Gusto X-plosion Blast from the Past is humbled by the efforts of our management for the best possible availability of resources. The crew of Gusto including the Core and Execution committee members with their heads held high would like to thank our sponsors for their association and for the continuous efforts taken by our teams to make this decade long journey worth every single second.

At the frontier of Gusto X-plosion 2016, Blast from the Past were management events such as Biz Quiz and Auction, testing the business acumen of participants and evaluating their skills. The competition was fierce as the Quiz masters fired questions at the participants and during events such as Sell It! , it almost felt like the market place had shifted to the premises of the institute with attractive offers and products to die for. Another crowd magnet was the arena of Symposium, the first event of the festival which was a tremendously fun time.

Tangential Events –

A fantastic range of events fell into the tangential category, probably the most exclusively fun and challenging trivia was shared and events such as Bollywood Quiz and TV fanatics quiz which are traditionally popular at Gusto saw even larger crowds. Participants of the TV fanatics quiz took giant leaps of faith with questions about telly trivia whereas Model Making and Photography competitions saw immense creativity, almost verging on an international level competition. Truly, tangential events were better than ever before with the efficient organisation and eye catching themes.

Cultural Events –

The most glamorous and beautifully entertaining events of the Cultural arena saw intense participant competition and thrilled the crowd. Talking about the crowd at the War of DJs and the official rock show Gig-A-Heartz, people went totally bonkers for the greatly talented individuals and groups that performed their hearts out and made us jump on our feet and sing those tunes out loud. Indira Idol was another remarkable success with melodious voices echoing the premises to make a mark on our festival. The most star studded gala event at the cultural front was Model Hunt and the official Fashion Show “La Bela”. The crowd cheered intensely for the talented and attractive faces on the stage. In all its glory it was one of the best nights of Gusto X-plosion 2016.

Sports Events –

As the crowd on the bleachers cheered for the amazing atheletes, their confidence was increased tenfold by facing the intense competition. Futsal arena was filled with a large number of football enthusiasts and so was Box cricket, jam packed with cricket fans. For the first time we held a Table Tennis match as a part of sporting events which saw equally sturdy participation. Though a lot of athletes were found often near the food stalls trying one or the other relishes to find more energy. Cyclothon was a huge success and attracted a lot of people. Along with that, Mini basket was another addition to our sporting event collection. Also this time our Virtual Sporting events such as FIFA and Counter Strike Gaming saw participants engaged in fierce battles and some had the attitude of professionals competing on a giant level.

Tech Savvy 2016

Tech Savvy 2016 was held in Indira College of Commerce and Science, Pune on 15/02/2016 to 19/02/2016. In that five days different activities were carried out. The participant count from many colleges across Pune was near to 2500.

On the first day, 15/Feb.  Football match was played by different college participants. Simultaneously the game called “COUNTER STRIKE”   played for full day where totally 5 members were countered and opponents were terror and match was played for three maps and winner and runner up declared.

On the second day, the ISL football match was played and two more games like COUNTER STRIKE (Second Round) and NEED FOR SPEED (Most Wanted) game was played. On the same day  afternoon , the BOLT organization  display their racer bike show for two hours  in ICCS parking slot with variety of bikes.

On third day 17/Feb. four activities were carried out in which firstly the basketball match was played and simultaneously ART BEAT, CODECHEIF IN C and DARE TO    THINK game was played. In Art Beat game Tech Savvy team provides the art beat painting tools to the participants and winner and runner ups were drawn from two categories like winner and runner up from child age and another for young youth. In CODECHIEF IN C programming context, the participant solved technical MCQ and design the code in C and on the same day, the winner and runner ups were declared by the judges. In DARE TO THINK context, the Tech Savvy team asked general questions and tasks which made participants to think and work in a team. Finally the winner and runner ups were declared.

On the fourth day of Tech Savvy 18/Feb. two activities were carried out like BASKET BALL and DARE 2 DO. In this game, the participants had given a multiple task games and made participants to do work in a team. And on the same day the winner and runner ups were drawn.

On the last day of Tech Savvy 19/Feb. many tasks were carried out like MINUTES TO WIN IT(VOL.3), in which every participants were given a single minute and participants were completed the given tasks in that minute only. The game was played for two hours. At the end of this event, V Company performed dance with 50 dancers. Along with that, Ruturaj from Dance India Dance also arrived on the stage and showed his talent. One more attraction of Miss Femina “Meghana Mittal” who also awarded Miss Pune and Water Baby present with the Chairperson, IGI. Dr. Tarita Shankar, Dr. Janardan Pawar Sir and Shivendu Bhushan and lastly the prizes were distributed to all winners and runner ups.

At the end of the day DJ Night was organized for 3 hours with more than 6 bouncers and all members of ICCS.